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Technology Deployment and Evaluation
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Tech Development Services
In an era defined by swift technological progress, confident deployment and evaluation of new technologies is crucial. Our services support technology implementation that is not only effective but also delivers on its claimed capabilities in real-world conditions.

Why Choose Robocist for AI Development?
  • Leverage our expert services to ensure your new tech investments are effective, reliable, and perform as promised
  • Trust our expertise across transportation and AI, with a track record of success with DOT, FTA, DOD, Michelin, and others
  • Benefit from our rigorous, unbiased testing and oversight, to confidently innovate, evaluate and deploy
  • Our Services Our suite of services includes planning and implementation of technology setup and deployment, thorough testing and verification of technology claims and functionality, an iterative feedback process for technology improvements, and the analysis of self-driving vehicle and mobility technologies.

  • Planning and execution of technology system installation
  • Technology capability verification testing and performance monitoring
  • Structured analysis and feedback of technology performance for optimization

  • Our Approach The deployment process includes placing new technologies into organizations or the public domain. This includes planning and installation support, testing, and ongoing monitoring.

    Evaluation includes measuring a technology's performance against manufacturer claims and client expectations. We craft test plans, conduct thorough reviews, and oversee evaluation programs. We objectively verify technology performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

    We also oversee and review evaluations conducted by others, ensuring that investments in new tech are justified. Our unbiased, authoritative expertise makes us a preferred partner across diverse sectors.

    Specialized Fields
    Our proficiency spans various domains, such as transportation and artificial intelligence. We've earned the trust of esteemed entities, including the US Army, in developing the Autonomous Vehicle Evaluation Plan, assessing autonomous shuttles' performance to boost safety and efficiency in transportation. We have also evaluated Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) technologies for private and public entities such as the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

    As AI systems evolve, our services have broadened to cover these intricate technologies. For evaluations involving human subjects, we involve Institutional Review Boards (IRB) to ensure ethical integrity and the protection of individuals during testing.

    Our Commitment
    We are dedicated to ensuring that technologies are deployed appropriately and evaluated thoroughly. With our expert oversight, rigorous testing, and impartial analysis, we empower organizations to innovate confidently. Our support enables them to be certain their technologies will meet expectations and enhance operational objectives.

    Join us at Robocist, where your journey towards technology evaluation, deployemnt, and adoption. Together, let's create the unimaginable.

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